Extremely agile and small enough to be transported even on a normal-size car.

Small but strong:

• AISI 304 stainless steel frame with a working width of 410 mm.

•Although its tank only contains 3 litres of solution, this floor scrubber is able to clean 100 square metersthanks to its “eco” timed system for dosing water.

• 13 Ah 36 V ilithium-ion batteries that allow an autonomy of 1 hour.

From 140 to 210/min.”

This machine is essential for high-level cleanings of small spaces with many obstacles.

Its ergonomic shape allows to easily clean under tables, furniture, cabinets, etc.

This machine owes its versatility to the different types of brushes and drive pads that can be applied.

This is all made possible thanks to the oversizing of motors, that ensures outstanding performances and effectiveness and most of all we designed brushes with different rotation speeds (two counter-rotating brushes with a diameter of 210 mm).

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