With the new year, 4cleanpro launches its new version of the now historic MIRA40 on the market.

This version is called ERGO 40 and is the evolution of the previous model with notable changes.

The new MIRA ERGO 40 is completely revisited in the upper part where all the new features are concentrated. The design to begin with, has little to do with the previous version as the handle that supports the recovery tank and also the dashboard has been completely redesigned.

Instead of the cumbersome rotational handle, we have switched to the more traditional tubular handle of 32 mm in diameter in aisi304 stainless steel. The dashboard with the handle is instead a double shell with the handle grip of the single brush type , thus offering a greater lever arm thus making driving the machine easier.

In the lower part of this handle, the 5 liter recovery tank is placed which embraces the handle and is hooked up with clip springs which make it easy and safe to release the tank in order to empty it and rinse it.

The filter and float system is the traditional steel mesh cage with balls which will then plug the suction pipe when the water reaches the maximum level.

The lower part of the machine, on the other hand, is unchanged and mounts exactly the same components as the previous version as the mechanical group of the brush and suction motors have never created any problems and therefore the winning team does not change.

The final result is therefore a machine that is lighter to drive due to the lowering of the barycentre of the handle group, more ergonomic (where the name ERGO) with the single brush handle , more reliable with the new 5-litre water tank recovery and above all the direct connection of the suction system pipe directly inserted into the tank therefore without gasket and without closing hook as well as the new net cage float system with balls.

Efficiency remains excellent also because the batteries and motors are the same as the previous model and therefore a 330 watt suction motor and 2 brush motors of 120 watt each. One of the very important things is that all the main spare parts are the same as the previous version and therefore our distributors and assistance centers do not have to stock up on other spare parts because all the motors and electronic boards are the same as before, as well as the whole range of accessories remains unchanged. We also wanted to thank all our customers, because it is thanks to their feedback and suggestions that this new version of the MIRA ERGO 40 was born.

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