Floor scrubber dryer

In the “Non Industrial” area the needs and requirements of environments where, during the day, there is a strong succession of people passing through these places are taken into consideration.

Specifically who is it for?

  • Schools
  • Office
  • Libraries
  • Museums

In all these places it is necessary and essential to have to maintain a constant level of cleanliness in order to guarantee the use of the services for which they are intended.

Usually, these buildings are structured with many rooms of different widths and in which there are elements of encumbrance as complete with furniture that create the right environment for dirt.

Precisely for this reason an adequate scrubbing machine is needed to ensure daily maintenance of the structure, so as to be able to make it efficient in its normal activity.

lavasciuga per pavimenti musei
pulizia ufficio

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4 Models of scrubbing machines for the civil sector To be able to meet this need 4 Clean Pro offers 4 different models

This new high-end professional floor scrubber is made with high engineering standards and the best materials.

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This compact and heavy-duty industrial floor scrubber owes its solidness to its thick steel frame.

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This industrial ride-on floor scrubber is designed to increase the profitability of your cleanings.

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Extremely agile and smallenough to be transported even on a normal-size car.

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