In the “Non Industrial” sector, the needs and requirements of environments where, during the day, there is a strong succession of people passing through these places are taken into consideration. Learn more ➡️

We all know that cleanliness is fundamental and indicates professionalism and care for our businesses. This is the reason why our spaces must be kept clean and sanitised. Learn more ➡️

These businesses need to pay special attention to cleanliness – as cleanliness is the service they offer – despite the high cost that too often keeps from industrial floor cleaning. Learn more ➡️

All factories – whether they are food, beverage or drug factories or they are assembly or building factories need high standards of hygiene. Learn more ➡️

In the healthcare industry, especially in this historical period, special attention to cleanliness and sanitisation is required as a high number of people is involved (including patients and staff). Learn more ➡️

The flow of people during the day is constant and produces a considerable amount of dirt which needs to be impeccably cleaned multiple times every day with a professional floor cleaning machine. Learn more ➡️

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